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Guide to Alaska's State Parks


Reservations are not required for any park facilities except rental cabins. Permits are required for large groups or commercial activities.


Pets must be on leashes at developed facilities, such as campgrounds and picnic areas, and under control in other areas at all times.


Litter is an eyesore and a disappointment to park visitors. All refuse should be removed or placed in litter containers provided. In the backcountry, please pack out what you pack in, and leave your campsite as you found it. Practice "no trace" camping.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are generally restricted to roads and parking lots. For information on specific areas open to off-road vehicles, contact a park office.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is allowed in designated areas of park units. Call a park office for information on specific areas.

Fishing & Hunting

Regulations can be obtained from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Check campground bulletin boards or call a park office for more information.

Discharge of Firearms

Check with a park office for area closures and for 1/4 or 1/2 mile restrictions near developed facilities. Target shooting is prohibited.


Fires must be confined to designated sites. Portable stoves should be used in the backcountry.


Fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Wild Flora

Wildflowers, trees, ferns, and grasses are found in abundance in Alaska's parks. Enjoy them, but please don't pick wildflowers or peel bark from trees. Leave the beauty for the next person to appreciate.

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